Kids Clubs are extraordinary places for children in all hotels because of the festive atmosphere of camaraderie and innocence that reigns there. At the Tikoulou Kids Club at Preskil Island Resort, this is enhanced tenfold by Tikoulou, the little Mauritian cartoon boy whose adventures have enchanted children since 1998. Indeed, this national mascot, born from the encounter between painter Henry Koombes and publisher Pascale Siew, is at the heart of all the club’s activities, helped by the Manager, Jessisa Fok Pan Prévaut, who is affectionately called Mama Tikoulou, so much so that she is imbued with the character.

The values put forward in the albums are those of camaraderie, mutual aid, solidarity and respect for the environment. Tikoulou‘s world is free of any social or ethnic barriers or prejudices, it’s a world of sharing, » says Pascale Siew, director of Vizavi. This perfectly matches the values and concept of the Preskil Island Resort, adds Vincent Commarmond, the hotel’s director, and gave rise to this partnership.

« The world of Tikoulou is that of the Indian Ocean islands and their resolutely tropical flavours. This is the « Koombes style », simple, well-structured, fresh, joyful and highly legible designs. Straightforward, bright colours, flat areas of colour without any shading or hatching, with contours clearly delineated by an energetic, closed line, » explains Pascale Siew. At the Kids Club of the Preskil Island Resort, Tikoulou allows the innocence of childhood to be portrayed in a Mauritian context. It is the discovery of a colourful and rich environment, of intrigues, everything that delights children, whatever their culture and nationality. By recreating the universe of Tikoulou, the Kids Club offers all its young members the possibility to live a unique and privileged experience during their stay, a real immersion at the side of the little character!

This is done through the various paintings and illustrations of the little hero on the walls of the Kids Club, activity books, t-shirts with his image, cap among others. « Our mascot does activities such as fishing, a sega show, glass-bottom boat and the discovery of traditional games (hopscotch, canette, kite etc.), » says Jessica Fok Pan, the club Manager. « The Kids Club offers a wide range of entertainment for children from 3 to 12 years old including music, gym, dance, art, traditional games as well as educational games on the history of Mauritius and activities in harmony with the protection of the environment to sensitise the younger ones. All this will be animated by our artists and our Mascot ».

Jessica seems to be made to lead this kids club. Three apples high, with a smile stuck to her lips, very enthusiastic and with a communicative joy, Jessica is also behind the success of the club. As a creative person, she brings her stone to the work. “I like working with children; it’s not stressful, unlike adults. Children are my ‘zen’; they are pure without fuss,” she says.

Jessica likes openness and loyalty. She doesn’t stay in her office but is always in the pool, on the playgrounds or in the club rooms. A perfectionist, she adds that the Preskil has helped her grow but is modest about her contribution. Yet, she joined the hotel three years ago at the pre-opening and saw the Kids Club come to life. She will bring all her experience and character to make the Tikoulou Kids Club truly unique.

« Tikoulou is a unique character, a true Mauritian. Strong as a nail, he reflects Mauritianism. He is barefoot, his rasta side, he loves animals and nature. He is also an ambassador and he is known abroad. Children from France have already seen his video, » says Maman Tikoulou, very proud of « her » child.

Jessica’s passion for children comes from her membership of the scouting movement. She is in fact Group Staff Leader of the 21st Upper Scouts. Nevertheless, after her secondary education she started as an accountant’s clerk. Unhappy with this job despite the job security and not working weekends, she agreed, on the advice of her aunt, to join the Kids Club at the Paradise Beachcomber where she spent five years. She then tried another adventure at the Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel, where she worked at the reception desk for a year. After a few months of forced leave due to her father’s illness, she returned to another Kids Club, the Heritage Awali.

After spending three years there, getting married and moving to Plaine Magnien, she arrived at the club that was predestined for her at Preskil. However, this exemplary and successful career did not go to her head. Originally from Cité Anoska, a small town next to 16e Mile in the centre of the country that is rarely heard of except in bad terms, Jessica is very proud of her origins. This fighter, who knows the meaning of sacrifice and cut grass to pay for her studies, talks about it without hesitation.

« My mum always told me: don’t wait for someone to give you something. If you want something, go get it. You always hear about Cité Anoska for problems, but never for people’s success. There is a paediatrician, civil servants, teachers from Cité Anoska. There are never any articles in the newspapers about them. It’s always about drug theft, social problems. This is probably the only anger she has, but it is quickly overcome by the need to see the positive side of life and communicate it. Good luck Jessica.


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