Dear guests,

Our parent company, “La Compagnie de Beau Vallon,” has undergone significant developments over the past 15 years by diversifying its operations in real estate, land development, agricultural diversification, and soon, leisure. Additionally, we have ventured into tourism and hospitality with the Preskil Island Resort Mauritius, Solana Beach Mauritius, and Astroea Beach Mauritius, while still preserving our historic activity of sugarcane cultivation, which continues to occupy a substantial area in Mauritius.

With these transformations, we are pleased to announce that “La Compagnie de Beau Vallon” is now officially known as the “Groupe Beau Vallon,” consolidating all its activities under a common name.

We are deeply moved to inform you that “Southern Cross Hotels” will now be known as “Beau Vallon Hospitality.” Alongside our new identity, Beau Vallon Agri-business, Beau Vallon Property, and Beau Vallon Leisure will constitute the other business sectors of the Groupe Beau Vallon.

This new identity, “Beau Vallon Hospitality,” goes beyond a mere rebranding; it reflects not only our commitment to persevere in the hospitality and tourism industry but also our optimistic vision for the future.

On this occasion, we take the opportunity to thank you for your support and loyalty. We look forward to welcoming you soon in our hotels.

Best regards,

Fabio Meo


Beau Vallon Hospitality

St Hubert, Mauritius

Groupe Beau Vallon

St Hubert, Mauritius